When you are in need of an experienced Volkswagen or Audi technician in the Greater Cleveland area look no further than Eurolabs Autohaus. We offer quality repair service and no surprise bills! Our highly-trained technicians will diagnose and solve any problem your vehicle is experiencing. We offer complete bumper to bumper services for Volkswagen and Audi vehicles.

Part Sales

We have a wide variety of parts available from late model vehicles to your favorite classics.

Pre-purchase Inspections

Don’t get stuck with a lemon! Call us today to schedule an inspection before you buy that car!

Electrical Faults & Computer Diagnostics

Seeing where you are driving is important! We can replace any lights on your vehicle that have gone out and adjust them so they shine straight as an arrow. Our experience team can chase down any electrical gremlin you throw at us from an alternator rebuild to a full wiring harness replacement.

Check Engine Light Diagnostics

If your dash is lighting up with warnings or errors we can diagnose and fix any issue.

Air Conditioning & Heating

Need a recharge before the Summer time heat?

Accessory Installations

Need a new speaker system installed? Have an aftermarket speedometer you want to mount on the dash? We can install them without wrecking your interior.

Restoration Services

Let us use our network of classic parts dealers to overhaul your beloved VW or Audi classic to better than new!

Brakes & Tires

Having problems with our wheels like not stopping fasting enough or losing traction on slippery roads? Bring your vehicle in today for a brake job or a new set of tires!

Steering & Suspension

Knocking sounds from your struts? Shaking from your steel wheel? Bring your car in today for and we can make sure you’re driving smoothly again in no time.


Clutch starting to slip? Don’t get stuck on a hill! Come in today so our team can diagnose and fix issues with your vehicle’s drivetrain like a bad transmission or axles.

Alignments & Balancing

Steering wheel looking a little lopsided?

Engine & Cooling Systems

Is your poor engine overheating? Or maybe the timing is off and the engine always sounds as if it’s about to stall? Our team can repair classic air-cooled engines with carburetors and modern fuel injection based systems. We offer manufacturer recommended tune-up services like coolant or transmission fluid flushes. Just need an oil change? We offer those too!


Did your vehicle fail a required e-check test? We can fix issues with your exhaust system or catalytic converter and have you back on the road in no time!

Fuel System

Smell gas? Don’t delay and bring your car in today for a full fuel system inspection!


Come in and see us today, or call us at (440) 986-2300!